I might not know the most about coffee, pour overs, or the mechanics of roasting beans, but I know what tastes good and I'm always looking for a good place to go for a cup. I try to find places that are intimate, yet open, cool, but not too pretentious. 

I've been able to visit the Summit Avenue location of Lamplighter Roasting Co, both times with creative friends who are headed to other parts of the world soon. I tried both the Ethiopian and Ugandan pour overs between each visit., both dark and delicious. Their pastries are fantastic, I've tried a sweet potato muffin and alfajores (an Argentinian delight made with two cookies cemented together with Dulce de Leche and rolled in coconut flakes).

This weekend, I went with Katie, who will be living in Southeast Asia with me. I'm definitely looking forward to exploring the creative vibe of eastern living with her!