Okay guys. These two are just perfect. I'd known Justin for a little while in college, and I met Sara at a party a couple years back. Thrilled when they asked me to take their engagement portraits, I was really looking forward to getting back to campus to shoot where they met and fell in love! These two are bright and lovely, and I'm sure their wedding in September will be the same! The cutest. 


Okay. Technically, these two are already married. This is their one-year photo session to make up for their lack of engagement photos. Matt and Lee Anne were my supervisors the first time I worked at FUGE Camps in Black Mountain, NC. Black Mountain feels like home to me, the fresh air and the colors of fall. I met these two at the base of the mountain and we climbed and hiked through the greenery to have a little fun.

The sunrise at the summit summed up the brightness these two give off, the whole three years I've known them. They met and were married in the beautiful place, and it was the perfect time of year and of day to capture them, I'm so glad they trusted me with such special moments.


Here I am, finally blogging about these two. Since this shoot, they've gotten married (blog to come!), and are getting ready to have a little girl! I really can't handle how fast time is flying for several of the couples that I've been able to work with. Truly, it needs to slow down.

The day began like any of my favorite shoots and really didn't disappoint. We headed to Cool Beans to start, then the canal side of the river. I loved hearing the story of how these two met (and met and met). I've known Misti for a few years and have enjoyed getting to know her and having been a part of this!