I've met a ton of people in the past few weeks, but Stephanie is something else. This girl is moving overseas and getting ready to start a bold new chapter of life. Partially for her family back home and to document the change, we did a little mini session here in Richmond during a particularly beautiful evening. When I say mini, I mean, like, five minutes. This girl is beautiful!


I met Chandler when we were both in the wedding party for a dear friend... last month. That is how long I've known this girl. Regardless, we have become extremely close and I am beyond fortunate to have this lady in my life. When I visited Columbia last week, she asked me to bring my camera along to our dinner date and to take some pictures for her as a gift for her mom. Her front yard and the setting sun were more than enough to capture her natural beauty! 


Enter: my best friend. This gem of a lady has been there for me through all of our college years, and though she graduated a bit after me, her head is fuller 'cause she's got a double major. These photos are two-fold, her graduation shots and some head-shots for prospective acting opportunities. This girl has style and sass and you'd be hurting without her in your play.