Hi, everyone. Here’s the latest on Laura’s recovery.

We’ve been home since Saturday evening, and Laura has continued to rest and get her strength back. We’re walking a little farther down the driveway and the street every day. Today we went down to the circle next to ours and made a big ring around it before walking back to the house. Laura still gets great waves of fatigue, so she’s resting most of the time. She’s out of pain, clear of infection, over the swelling from the IVs, has no headaches, and is doing OK on the special diet - designed to get her digestive system going again after a week of nothing.

She’ll see the GI folks for a follow-up next week (that’ll be awkward). They’ll want to take more blood. Hopefully her arms and hands will be over the bruising from last week before they get her again.

For now we appreciate the calls, cards, flowers, and meals that have come our way since our Halloween horror flick. The folks at Rex were really great, and we appreciate their care and attention.


The nurses got the discharge orders for Laura at 2:30 today. By 5:20 we were home.

We are amazed how weak she is from this ordeal and she will take a few days to rest and recover. Special diet, lots to watch for, and a recheck with the docs soon. The final conclusion was that there was as a tear in the outer layer of her intestine, likely from the amount of air introduced during the colonoscopy. It set off the infections and other related complications (pain, pain, pain). A week of no food or water rested the area so it could heal. The IV fluids were key. Now the reintroduction begins.

Thank you all for your texts, emails, and most importantly your prayers.


Laura is coming home tomorrow morning! We got the good news tonight!


Laura had a relatively good night considering she had no pain or nausea meds after 8:20pm. She had a nice, clear-liquid, breakfast this morning consisting of chicken broth and lemon jello accompanied by a lovely vintage ginger ale (don't hate). She has kept all of this down nicely, with just a little nausea. She has a UTI that we found out about this morning. So there's another antibiotic.

There are whispers of a possible exit from the hospital on Saturday as long as she continues to improve. She still has pain, and they want her pain free. This is the surgeon doing that whispering. We still need to hear from the attending physician. We'll post here with the good news when it comes.

Currently, Laura is super tired, weak, and needs a full night's sleep (no interruptions, no blood draws, no vital checks). We are continuing to work on her lungs as they are congested. We need to see how her body reacts to "solid" food.


Laura has had some incremental improvements today:

  • Her white blood cell count is down to 8,400 which is back to normal.
  • She has no fever.
  • We’ve walked three different times today. Maybe one more later.

These are the current concerns and what we’re going to do about them:

  • We’re going to terminate pain and nausea meds to determine true pain and nausea levels in the morning. Gonna be a rough night.
  • Laura is very weak.
  • No clear liquid diet was ordered today. She has not eaten since Monday (and that came back up) so she is hungry. And she doesn’t want to eat 'cause she’s nauseated. You see the issue. Tomorrow, they are supposed to order clear liquids. But we’ve heard that before.
  • There has been no discussion of going home. We may need assistance to bust her outta here on Saturday. (I’ll supply the pizza afterwards.)

The jury is still out on the root cause of this event. However, everyone is starting to look at the colonoscopy as the culprit. Surgery would be a long shot, although it hasn’t been ruled out. It all depends on the pain level responding to the antibiotics and other meds, not just the pain meds.

Prayer is always appreciated. More later.


We’ve seen a lot of different people for opinions. Last night was really rough. Laura had a hard time breathing, lots of lung pain. They’re not sure what was causing that. She had an in-room chest x-ray that showed a little something in the bottom lobes that we’ll hear more on later. The cardiologist came in this morning and pronounced her heart just fine. Got a bunch of info on how she was doing. He’s still in the “this has everything to do with the colonoscopy” camp. Poor Laura. All she ever wanted was just a colonoscopy. 

She’s on inhalation therapy to help her lungs clear up. And they’re still poking around her sore abdomen. She is supposed to start a clear-diet today. First food since Monday. She is very, very tired and enjoys the nausea meds for the rest they provide.


Today we found out that Laura’s white blood cell count is down to 14,000 from 21,000! We hear that 10,000 is normal. This is good since the surgeon wanted to operate If that number didn’t improve. Yay! Also, she can begin a clear liquid diet tomorrow if she keeps improving.

The pain is still there as well as the nausea. The gave her some drugs for the nausea and she is napping nicely. She needs the rest.


Laura had a routine colonoscopy on Monday, November 1st at 10:30AM. She had a wonderful report from the doctor that all was well and she was on the five year plan for the next colonoscopy. Yay! Around 7:30PM, Monday night, she developed intense pain in the abdomen. Chills, shaking, fever. We headed to the ER at Apex. After six hours there, she was transferred via ambulance (wheeee) to Rex. She had a hight fever accompanied by a high white blood cell count that doesn’t seem to be going down.

Current status: She has seen so many specialists: GI guys, cardiologists, surgeons, general guys, you name it. They don’t all agree. And it’s a wide range of ideas. Some think it has nothing to do with the colonoscopy (GI guys), while the surgeon says “Oh yes it does”, and wants to resection her bowel. Yikes. We have done tests, x-rays and scans, She is a pin cushion at this point. She’s on big antibiotics, pain killers and nausea drugs and is just really wiped out. Laura hasn’t had anything to eat for quite a number of days.

We’re waiting on the bevy of medical professionals to decide the best course of action to take. More later when we know anything.


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