Winter weddings are my favorite. Forgive my sappiness: the cozy quality of the love shared between two people contrasted with the cold of the season is striking in so many ways. Misti & Jase's wedding was no exception. The two had a small wedding in Columbia, a reception themed after their home states–Louisiana and South Carolina, and afterward an intimate time shared at Sesquicentennial State Park, a gorgeous area just a few minutes from the church where they wed.

One of my favorite things about shooting small weddings is that more likely than not I know several of the guests. Since I've known Misti since I was a freshman in college, there were loads of friends at the wedding, including a few friends I know will be getting married soon! The ceremony was early in the day, so the reception was a combination of breakfast and brunch-type foods from LA and SC, including a cereal bar, a king cake and pralines galore.

Jase and Misti's charming exit to bubbles led spectacularly into their time at Sesqui. The sun was high, but the shade that the trees gave was just right and the cool winter colors did nothing but wonders for these two. I'd liken Misti to a Snow White of sorts in these photos. I've been skeptical as of late when shooting weddings, stressed to the brim on timing and all that, but Jase and Misti's wedding was a refreshing delight. And I'm still in shock it's been almost a year. Here's to the Ellises.