I'd heard when I was preparing to move to Southeast Asia that Chiang Mai was young, hip and artful. I saw a little bit of that when I arrived, but the best I've seen was at the TCDC Design Week. There were art installations all around town (some are still up), and then there was the POP Market. It reminded me a lot of Greenville SC's Indie Craft Parade and Columbia's Crafty Feast. Only Asian. 

We have made some friends at a local café, Diff Bakery, and they were sharing their pastry expertise at the market. Derek and Mae are quite possibly two of my favorite people in Chiang Mai. They are welcoming and sweet and make the best breakfast.

One of my favorite vendors at the market was Hom Fragrances, a lady who makes soy candles from her home. Cucumber Melon was calling my name. Thank goodness she is located in Chiang Mai so I can go get one soon!

This event was the hipster capital of Thailand. We can all agree. I attended twice so I could take better pictures, and each time there were new products to see, loads of analog cameras swinging from hip straps, hand pies and mocktails, the occasional fedora. I'm loving this city, and this market solidified it for sure.