In honor of my upcoming trip to DC, here's a throwback to last year's trip. Same time of year, completely different season of life. Lauren was about to head around the country for a year, Dani was still in school, and I was a week into my first full-time job. Now, Lauren's back, Dani's living in the city, and I'm about to leave the country for a solid two years.

Before that weekend I had been to DC twice: once with my aunt and uncle when I was something like three-years-old, and another time with my high school art history class to visit the NGA. Naturally, I fell in love with that museum, and we went again this time around. After visiting the botanical gardens and the National Gallery, we walked the mall, and even in the rain it was breathtaking. 


We visted Nando's for lunch before heading over to the Folger to see Twelfth Night. I've never been so happy in all my life than that night. Finished off the weekend with Georgetown Cupcake, and I've never been the same. Can't wait to go back this weekend!