A few years ago I worked a summer in Black Mountain, North Carolina as a CentriFUGE staffer. It was and still is one of the best seasons of my life. Last month I was fortunate enough to be hired back for one week to work FUGE, but in a new location. I headed over to Jackson, TN to spend a week with screaming/sleepy high schoolers, teach a handful of kids how to take photos with a new perspective, and share life with some of the coolest cats known to man.

My team was the "Alliance," (womp, womp) and we had one heck of a strong group. They challenged me, got me thinking, built each other up and took on each other's burdens, literally. I couldn't have asked for a better gang of teens to pal around with and pour into for the week. Teamwork came naturally to them during recreation and Mega Relay. The photography and sign language tracks I taught were splendid. There's really nothing I love more than explaining to people how I feel God working in media and art. It's a rather heavy topic at times, but God works in everything and I love being able to share my heart for communication in this way. The week was led by a glorious staff of some of the most solid people you could have the pleasure to meet, as well as in worship by Andy Needham Band and my favorite camp pastor I've ever known, Chad Poe. That man is one of the most genuinely funny people alive, and his method of teaching/talking is backed with so much love and desire for Christ's renown. Love that dude. Pretty sure this was a week for the books.