Each morning for the past week I've had to remind myself it's still summer. I wear pants and sweaters and it's glorious. For some reason Richmond seems to think it's fall. I'm staying about thirty minutes outside the city, and the isolation is wonderful. Internet connections (that work well) are hard to come by out here, so I've just been studying, designing and taking in the beauty around me, both people-wise and naturally.

This is my first time to Richmond, and when looking for things to do in a new place, I usually start with food. Since I've been orienting and working a good bit, it's been difficult to find time to get to the city to explore. So far the highlights are simple: a food truck night in Short Pump, and a walk around Belle Isle, a beautiful island park. Driving the streets definitely had me hungry to explore more of this old city.

My favorite part about going through orientation with all these beautiful people is getting to know their hearts. Each person here has a love for the nations like nothing I've seen and it's a joy to get to work and praise God with them as a family. Sorry, not sorry for the tattoo picture.