A couple weekends ago I was able to visit one of my closest friends in DC. This trip was much more relaxed than previous trips, and we got to see a good bit of the city I had never experienced. Initially I was under the impression that this was the last time I would see Dani and William before I moved across the world, but recently discovered that I couldn't keep myself from visiting the Capitol once more before I fly out. 

Beginning with brunch at Le Pain and following up with some light shopping in Georgetown, we headed to the Eastern Market and I was lost in all the color and surrounding smells. I met a man at the market who has been to Southeast Asia several times, and it was a joy to be able to talk with him about all that I would be seeing and experiencing when I got there.

One of the highlights of this trip was the hilarious time I spent in Capitol Hill Books with Dani and Chris, another friend who recently moved to DC. The shelf labels and book notes were absolutely hysterical. Don't go to this used book store without being wary that books may be spoiled for you. "RON DIES" poked out of the top of the seventh Harry Potter novel. "Witchcraft, Wizardry & Prophets" labeled a nearby shelf. After leaving that shop, a stop at Ted's Bulletin for a homemade pop-tart and milkshake wrapped up the evening quite nicely.