Our second moat-hoppin' Saturday came with a bit of wizening due to what did and didn't work the week before. This time we were completely new to the block In the morning we prepared for the day by planning our route almost completely, which sois to take which way, what turns to make.

One of our favorite spots for the day was near a restaurant called Wrap & Roll. The cute place could only seat six guests and was closed when we walked by, but the little tribal shops around it were the main draw for us. It seemed that this area of town was a big hit with the hippie-type foreigners, little half-naked white kids with rat tails running around in tribal garb was proof.

We walked past Graph Table, a new bougie restaurant (that we tried later and fell in love with: amazing breakfast, delicious coffee and fabulous service), to get to a market near the main road. I wish this were more easily accessible to us considering the incredible selection of produce!

For a late lunch we ate at Da's Home Bakery, a small shop with a ton to offer. Katie ordered an avacado sandwich, myself the bruschetta. This place is obviously more than a bakery. It's sister restaurant, Blue Diamond Breakfast Club, sells organic beauty goods and other similar natural products.

We finished the day up by spending a couple of hours reading and chatting at The House at Ginger, a boutique café and set of shops that would put Anthropologie to shame. The café's seating was several different posh couches, and the menu boasted some really nice dishes like stirfried crab over organic rice. We ordered chai tea and botched up the making of it ourselves considering we'd never had it this way. They served my latte in a bowl (yes, a bowl) and we browsed the shops wistfully knowing our wallets couldn't take the hit.