A little while ago I had a birthday. It seems that the trend for my birthday (which I am by no means complaining about) is dinner and a movie. That happened again this year, but in a new country, with friends I had met all in the past twelve months, and fresh everything. Fresh food, fresh fruit, fresh flowers. You betcha.

Katie did a lot of the planning so that much of this was a surprise to me. We headed to Rustic & Blue for dinner, enjoying the beautiful flower arrangement they provided for our table. The place was airy and bright, the backyard filled with cute tables and teepees. Yes, teepees. This place does all of it's food farm-to-table so you know it's local and it's fresh.

To start off I ordered a mocktail and some others followed suit. Katie's was a fruity thing, I think it was cranberry? Mine was kinda like a mint frappe. Any drink is always better in a stemmed glass, and you only turn 24 once, right? Then the ordering of food began. I took a few pictures, but Rustic & Blue's extensive menu changes on the reg, so I couldn't even begin to capture all that they offer. There was the Rustic Warm Brie Salad, the Duck Fries and the Waffle Bacon Burger. I ordered and aboslutely adored the Pumpkin Gnocchi with Local Sausage. I hope they bring that one back soon. Spicy and delicious.

Not only did the staff arrange flowers for us, but once we had finished eating, one of our servers headed to the fridge to bring out the flower crown they gave me as well as a beautiful creme tart with fresh fruit and nuts.

This place was the perfect birthday spot, and I am looking forward to going back sooner than my 25th birthday. It's a bit of a ways across town from us, but worth it! We left to go back home to watch Leonardo and eat more cake. My thought process: It's my birthday. And we're gonna eat more cake.