Khagee is definitely in the top three for me as far as my favorite places to kill time in the city. All three of those places have two things in common: white bricks and coffee. Khagee is a place I'd seen several times driving by, and when my good friend Alex came to town, I didn't have an excuse to drive by again without stopping.

Khagee is a natural yeast bakery, and I can tell you from extensive research that their breads taste incredible. The bagels are amazing: blueberry is delightful, and their salmon bagel sandwich is as good as any I've had before. My parents have tried the carrot cake, and Alex ordered a berry dessert the first time we went. All amazing.

The lighting in this shop is top notch, the enormous windows let in all the light from the bright street, so the lights in the ceiling go completely unused, since I'm pretty sure the shop closes before the sun sets. The green that appears throughout in a few little spurts is as refreshing as the blasting A/C, and the little details here and there like the little tattooed man sitting on the espresso machine make this place just quirky enough.