So a few weeks ago, Katie, Jackie & I decided to try Overstand for breakfast before we sent Jackie on her journey back to Bangkok. We were greeted with a lush entrance, fountains and good music. Though the space is open air, the coolness of the vibe and the shady gray of the walls makes it the perfect spot to get out of the sun during a morning on the moat.

The place doubles as a gallery, showcasing some pencil drawings of out-of-this-world creatures for sale. The edgy atmosphere lends itself to a co-work, and the giant distressed wooden table in the middle of the room is the perfect spot to perch and sketch, or grab one of the puzzles in the middle of the table to while away the time.

Overstand boasts an incredible breakfast menu and an extensive drink list. The owner is Australian, and the feel of the place matches. The flat white is something to write home about, and the chai latte isn't half bad either. If you're looking for kombucha, you'll find a fridge full.

Katie and I ordered open-face breakfast sandwiches, mine with grilled mushrooms and feta, hers with parmesan fried eggs. If you're looking for a hearty, beautiful and delicious breakfast, this is the place to go. We've found it hard to not go here every time we wake up early and want breakfast before work.