About a year ago, my sister-in-law's brother Matt visited, and I sent him to a pin I'd received from a friend for this "café you HAVE to try." Later Matt texted me with a resounding: "Yes. This place." So Katie and I joined shortly, with some notebooks in tow to plan our upcoming vacation. Ever since, Woo has been our home base for late night coffee hangs, a happy place when the days are long and annoying, and somewhere we can count on to have the best things: good drinks, fresh green food, and friendly staff.

The shop is constantly filled with fresh flowers and plants, like a garden is spilling out of each nook and cranny. The sunlight outside spills into the space as well, and at night the candle-like glow of the chandeliers and lamps make for a peaceful place to chat or work.

Woo serves just about every coffee drink you'll normally find at cafés in town, the art is done spectacularly, and the iced drinks come in giant glass jars, not to mention the delicious cookies that come with each drink. If that doesn't win you over, I don't know if anything will.

Woo also boasts a great food menu. The caesar salad and chicken sandwich never disappoint, and the Thai food is just as good, flavorful and spicy as any other place you'll find in Chiang Mai.

In a separate part of the building, you'll find a "lifestyle" shop, a beautiful and expensive boutique filled with ceramics, jewelry, funky art, and rich fabrics. I can't afford most things in that store even on payday, but it's a blast to walk through and browse the ever-changing items.